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Translate Hueman theme in French

Texts translation I have used this good tutorial available on wpmarmite.com website to do that translation : http://wpmarmite.com/traduction-theme-wordpress/ Hueman theme is by default ready to receive new translations : directory structure inside the theme containes a “languages” directory, and inside...


Add a graphical banner to Hueman theme

To include a graphical banner with  hueman theme : install a version of hueman theme equal or above V 2.0.0 Available version on website to date is : V 2.0.5 If necessary, install theme manually. Website of Hueman theme :...


Blog Creation

I have already experimented Joomla on a private personal server for several year, and I have discovered the several problems about this setup : repeated security flaws in joomla CMS, at least on old versions, that I had to patch....