Introduction to signal processing for audio


I prepared some powerpoint presentation about signal processing for audio during 2005-2006 timeframe. I was fully involved in those domains because of my position in InnovaSON.

Those slides were presented two times in 2005 and 2006 to students focusing on signal processing, at Université de Bretagne Sud, Lorient (Brittany, France). Honnestly speaking, feedbacks about those presentations were mixed one : subjet and information were interesting for them, but content was to important for a 2 hours presentation.

Those presentation were splitted in three parts :

  • introduction to human hearing
  • Presentation of audio compression methods
  • a small listening session

My idea behind that was also to train people about loss of audio quality on musical signals due to high ratio compression rates . It was a period when people were listening mp3 compressed at 64kbit/s, but labelled “CD quality”.

For any purpose, I share those slides on slideshare today. Sorry about it, those slides are in french, and I’m not going to translate them.

General presentation


Corresponding audio files are available if requested


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