Quotation of electronic components subsets

EciaLogoOne of the important task during a product development is to define its cost price.

Definitive cost price will be fixed thanks to quotation request to Electronic Manufacturing Services companies (EMS). However,, in most cases, it’s necessary to have a rough cost price at the beginning of the project for two reasons :

  • be sure that the cost price is globally aligned to the targeted market price
  • project budget estimation integrating prototypes manufacturing costs

We have then to create a Bill Of Material (BOM) and define cost of the different elements inside it.


This work is really simplified thanks to website eciaauthorized.com which offers a search engine querying tens of manufacturer database and giving back a summary of availability and prices of the requested component.

More than that, it’s also possible to give a list of components and receive an excel file integrating all the results.

Be careful about the currency : this is dollar ( currency converter available here )

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