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sticknfind_porteclefI’ve discovered this interesting post about the use of connected object Stick-N-Find with Tasker. Those Stick-N-Find are ibeacons (then are using Bluetooth 4 Low Energy)  which size permits to use them on a standard keyring. Unfortunately Tasker is only compatible with Estimote ibeacons for the time being, those one are too big for such use.Thanks to explanation in the post, Stick-N-Find ibeacon can be used with Tasker.

By using a smarthome tablet equipped with Bluetooth 4 and those Stick-N-Find, I would like to equip all members of the family with those beacon ( or more precisely their keyring), and indicate to smarthome automation who is located in house. In the contrary it will be very easy to find a lost keyring with such device.


Is there anybody who have put in place such installation ?

Vincent Recipon

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  1. Fait avec des balises PebbleBee et FHEM (sous Linux, pas sur tablette) :
    PebbleBee Honey et domotique

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