3 months of blogging. Which results ?

This blog have been launched for three months now, to be precise the statistics have been implemented on Dec. 5, 2013.
I would point out that the blog was created during a period of unemployment (but starting a new school period at University). This means that I was able to spend a little more time on this blog compared to normal living conditions, ie with a full-time job.

Which conclusions can I sustain after this period? Do the efforts provided worth the try  ?
Let’s talk firstly about the content of the blog and have a look to some figures. Then we can speak about the results that have been obtained, then I will conclude with the future of this blog.

The blog content

Today I can summarize the blog content that way :

  • a website deliberately managed and maintained only by myself. The goal today is to be known on the web to find a stable situation regarding the job , and share my personal experiences.
  • 36 posts with 34 fully translated in English.
  • 209 pictures.
  • 6 drafts of posts that only require a little of perseverance to be available.
  • too many post ideas to be able to do everything 😛
  • 4 comments from visitors. It is a small a number and I regret it. Do not hesitate : it is free and it is generally a source of motivation for the blog owner.

bilan3mois_categoriesConcerning the posts that are the more read, you can refer to the graph on right side. Smarthome is, by far, the most read category. This is due to a richer content and a significant interest for these technologies those days.
WordPress and RT2012 house construction are the next more read categories.
Finally, I am pleased to see that many people are interested in my profile. Soon the job 😉

Speaking about figures

First point is to have a look to the following graph. It illustrates a well-known aspect of website creation, initially you’re going to feel alone in the world :


The visits began to increase from 15th February, just over two months after the creation of the blog, because of two events :

  • the twitter subscriptions have increased and some tickets have been retweeted
  • indexing of latests posts by Google

There is nowdays around thirty daily visitors. This is still a small number, but enough to justify the creation of the blog.

Speaking about figures, let’s have a look to other statistics regarding those three months :

Viewed posts
French spoken visits English spoken visits Mean visit time Bouncing rate
2443 893 ( 77% ) 265 ( 23% ) 2mn 08 s 69%

A majority of visitors are therefore speaking French, but English posts viewed are not negigible. The average visit time and bouncing rate doesn’t seem to be bad, but I’m not a specialist for that, so just leave a comment !

Visitors of the blog  find it through the following gateways :

Search engine
Direct access
Link from another website
Other social networks
28% 26% 17% 15% 14%

It is important to ensure proper indexing of the website by the search engines. Speaking about the blog on forums and through comments is also very effective. Twitter keeps a quite important place there because this tool is proposed as the main communication tool for this blog, and it works pretty well.

The results

First positive results are on my side : I would like to continue this blog because I like very much writing these posts, hopefully you may have as much pleasure to read them  😀 . However I have a concern about the time spent in writing those  because it is usually more than a short note but a longer post , which requires some work : test , photos, writing , reading, re-reading, re-re-reading, translation.

This 3 months timeframe  helped me to establish or renew some contacts at various levels, I warmly thanks those people to have contacted me :

  • the creator of Fundatrix company, known for its Bee-Wall tablet.
  • Auvitran company to speak about some job opening opportunities.
  • Domadoo company to propose of partnership and loan some equipment to do some testing.
    It is the reason why a new section “Partners” appeared on top of the blog.
  • Serphymed company for internship proposal . I discovered that there are also needs of automation in medical buildings.
  • site founder of grain-de-cel.fr for a support request about WordPress.

A very positive point also, towards my situation of job seeking, concerns the visibility that I have in front of people I meet in professional situation. It is very convenient , and well received, to provide to a prospective employer a blog reference containing a CV and profile always up to date. The content of the blog may also provide him some ideas about my interests and give some clue about what is inside the CV.

And then

The target of the blog will remain unchanged until the my situation is not changing also. I’m going to continue to write new posts in the same way. The focus on smarthome will continue also because of 3 reasons: I have new needs and ideas, you are very interested in, equipment loan will help me for sure to handle new tests.

David Bonnamour , co- founder of Domadoo explained me the importance of a bilingual site : interest in the ” smarthome ” is growing in non-french spoken countries, but there are few bloggers there speaking about it. I will continue then to provide posts in both languages.

About the website itself, I think to integrate two separate RSS feeds for each languages and give opportunity to receive updates by email . I realized that the owners of twitter account are not yet the majority of people around me. Another method for pushing information shouldn’t be useless.

Finally , I would like also to have your opinion to take the right decisions. I may organize a survey  in 1 or 2 months. But before that it is of course possible to put your comments at the end of this post, or by contacting myself directly.

Vincent Recipon

Propriétaire de ce blog. Owner of this blog.

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