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The one behind website grain-de-cel.fr asked me which CMS is the better one for a blog. WordPress of course ! This person, like many others, has been  disappointed by new version of overblog, and when you have migrated your blog to new version, there is no way to go backward.

But how to transfer posts available on overblog ? By chance iv-oam have written  a small post explaining how to do so. He has developped a PHP script doing the translation of an XML file from overblog to WordPress XML format. I’ve contacted him and he has been very kind to do the translation. Those translated files have been fully imported to WordPress without any issue, thank you !

Now on to retrieve pictures you have to use the WordPress plugin called, “Cache Images” which will analyze posts, searching for links to pictures and will copy locally those available on external website . Another time it is working like a charm.

Please refer to  iv-oam post for detailled information about the steps to be done.

Vincent Recipon

Propriétaire de ce blog. Owner of this blog.

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2 Responses

  1. Olivier GRAVILLE says:

    Je suis dans la même situation que vous et souhaite contacter iv-oam, auriez-vous son adresse email, s’il vous plaît ?
    Je voudrais le solliciter pour la conversion du fichier de blog de mon club de course à pied.
    Merci à vous.

    • gestionnaire says:

      Je pense que vous devriez passer par votre interface de gestion OVH pour faire appel au support. Je n’ai jamais eu l’occasion de le faire de mon côté.

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