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2years_goldThis blog is going to have 2 years (birth date is december 6th, 2013). 2 years  already !

I created it to be visible on the web during a job hunting period. Then I found this job, I then decided to unpersonnalize it to focus more on content, as I’ve already described in in this post.

This is partly done thanks to domain name change. The nombrilist  is stopped, say hello to general

I hope this name change is going to attract some friends who would like to share their experience in home automation , photo or other subjects that could find their place here. For the fans !

Keep cool the content have been transferred with the name, and the old domain name is still active but forwarding to this new address.

The trend for next posts will be in the continuity of previous one with home automation posts, electronics , IT , photography , etc … I have still a full set of posts ideas. Dozens of photos are also waiting. I would have to !

Regarding reviews, new one are coming also. Some are already in preparation in the field of home automation, others in various fields are being planned .

Keep in touch (Twitter Twitter for example)

Maison_vue_générale_2015-03I take this opportunity to give some personal news , which are also a “justification” for the small number of posts in recent months . My house building has been completed, we have moved , have arranged it, and have done work inside it. Home automation is mostly functional (all the lights , all the shutters) . For that to happen we had to block some weekend and evenings aches and rest .

You’re going to have the opportunity soon to see history of this building fully visible in this post, for the time being only first half is presented


I keep also a little surprise to view this history in seconds . Building + pictures = Do you have an idea?

I will end this post with a quick glance in the rearview mirror . If I make a report of blog activities since this post from June 1st 2014, it would be :

  • 30 posts written
  • 41 415 Sessions
  • 32 000 Visitors
  • 13% of visits are in english
  • 122 972 views
  • Around 450MB of data

This is blog’s life then !

Best regards.


Vincent Recipon

Propriétaire de ce blog. Owner of this blog.

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