Problem to boot-up a vmware virtual machine

You may face this problem quite easily when hard rebooting a server whose hosting vmware virtual machines

You have this message when restarting the VM:

Cannot open the disk ‘/…/* . vmdk’
or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
Reason : Failed to lock the file

A lock prevent the VM to restart.

To solve this is here are the steps to follow :

  • In case of Linux server, connect to server using a terminal client(putty for example)
  • Then go to directory indicated by the error message
  • Remove directories whose names are ending by .lck and having same name than your virtual machine. You should have 2 directories :
    • *.vmdk.lck
    • *.vmem.lck
  • in case of linux server, this is done using those commands :
    • rm -Rf *.vmdk.lck
    • rm -Rf *.vmem.lck

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