Reliable method to put links on desktop for Ubuntu 14


ubuntu_1404_logoThe problem

Ubuntu 14.04 uses Unity UI with its sidebar integrating access links  to most used applications. Using icons on the desktop is then less useful, but is still an interesting way to access less used applications.

Adding those links on Desktop is not so easy to handle with latest ubuntu versions, and depending on the way to do, it creates wrong links, or links are not created at all with this kind of error message :

ubuntu_1404_liens_message_erreurWhich method can be used to create those links on desktop without any issue ?

The solution

All applications can be accessed through directory /usr/share/applications thanks to a group of files equivalent to links . It’s then possible to copy one of those links on the desktop to have it done correctly

To do so :

  1. use file explorer and access to directory /usr/share/applications


  2. copy the link you’re interested in


  3. copy this link into desktop directory


  4. That’s it  …

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