Test of the Chacon doorbell CH54730 new version


CH54730new_sideFollowing the previous test there done on the old version, Chacon company have contacted me about a new version available for this product. It should solve major issue that have been detected : a waterproofness issue.

Chacon have provided me this new version of doorbell through Domadoo.



Speaking about features, all those available on first version of product are also available here. You can then refer to the test of old version .

Aesthetic have changed and is simplier compared to previous version, the unit is also less visible in a room. Bye bye dual color plastics, hello full white enclosure. The loudspeaker vent is a classical round now.

The light alert is still present but smaller and much less luminous. Too bad !

The doorbell button is following the same change and is now full white also. A plastic cover has been added to protect it from rain. You like this design or not but for sure waterproofness is treated. The Button is now to be fixed horizontally as is the normal case in european countries.

CH54730new_front CH54730new_frontbutton CH54730new_side CH54730new_package

To be noted, the availability on left of the cover piece of an access to button to open it and be able to change the battery. A rubber plastic piece is closing this slot in normal situation. This is not an ideal solution in term of design, but another time water won’t be able to go through…



To be clear I preferred aesthetic of first version. What do you think about it ?


Protective cover is main part that is improving waterproofness. Button design itself haven’t been changed mostly.

A shower has been used to test waterproofness of this doorbell button.

After this test the button is still fully fonctionnal. Good thing.

Opening the button we can see that no water have entered into enclosure. The test is passed.


Waterproofness is now sufficient on this design in normal cases (rain dropping with small angle with ground). Button can be located outside and will be functionnal under rain.

However its waterproofness level is not sufficient if button is exposed lots of time to  strong gusts of wind and rain.


Well done Chacon to follow up its range of product and update this doorbell to correct problems detected in the field. Waterproofness issue have been corrected with this new design.

Unfortunately it seems to me also that Chacon wanted to keep doorbell cost identical to previous version, still adding a new cover part. They had to find some mitigation plan and simplify other areas. This is aesthetic that have been simplified.

This new model is the one you should receive when you buy this product. Nowdays there shouldn’t have any more stock of old versions in stores.


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6 Responses

  1. FGM says:


    Ayant récemment acheté une sonnette Chacon 84212 supposée compatible eedomus +RFP1000 et ne réussissant pas à la faire fonctionner, j’ai cherché sur le net et je suis tombé sur votre article décrivant l’ancienne version d’une autre sonnette chacon. Avez vous une expérience d’associer ces sonnettes avec un RFP1000 ?
    Merci par avance

    • Bonjour,
      Je pense que toutes les sonnettes DIO ont un fonctionnement similaire. J’avais bien réception de la sonnette sur la domotique mais avec un couple eedomus + rfxtrx. Je n’ai pas eu de problème particulier.
      Êtes vous sûr qu’il s’agit d’une sonnette avec le protocole DIO ? Je crois me souvenir qu’il en était fait mention sur l’emballage. Avez vous activé ce protocole dans le rfp1000 ?

  2. Préviti Jean Claude says:

    Je recherche une visière pour bouton extérieur. Mon bouton de sonnerie mesure 10cm de longueur.
    Il faudrait qu’il puisse entrer dans cette visière.
    Je vous en remercie.

  3. Lolo-95 says:

    J’ai changer de sonnette de l’ancienne version à la nouvelle pour deux raisons, le capot de protection et le bouton en place était cuit (soleil, pluie, froid).
    Le point très positif c’est qu’il est très facile de réutiliser le module sonnette (ancienne modèle) avec le nouveau bouton.
    Cela m’a permis de mettre une sonnette au RDZ et une au 1er etage.

  1. Wednesday June 10th, 2015

    […] Lire l’article complet. […]

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