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Computing sun position on eedomus

I’ve discovered this great thing on eedomus forum. This script proposed by vva (thank you very much) provides all information about sun position in regards of home location at any time of day. Thanks to it, I optimised my scripts that are managing sun protection...


Stick-N-Find iBeacon

I’ve discovered this interesting post about the use of connected object Stick-N-Find with Tasker. Those Stick-N-Find are ibeacons (then are using Bluetooth 4 Low Energy)  which size permits to use them on a standard keyring. Unfortunately Tasker is only compatible with Estimote ibeacons for the time being,...


Localization with eedomus (part 1) : smartphone side

  Introduction The eedomus smarthome controller includes an unusual feature which is location tracking. This feature could seem to be an anecdotic one for smart hone. But linked to special rules able to trigger actions regarding this location, it adds...