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Heating : automate your heating system

This post’s the first of a list of 6 posts about optimizing heating sytem of your home. Your neighbour is going to envy you, although your bill’s going to thank you. This series is also up in the context of...


Give a voice to a smarthome setup

At the beginning I was not so much interested about alert aspects, unless I’ve seen some useful tips done by Jean-Martin. I’m not able to do without them nowdays. My voice alerts are made of different flavors, from “It’s time...


Migrate an Overblog blog to WordPress

The one behind website asked me which CMS is the better one for a blog. WordPress of course ! This person, like many others, has been  disappointed by new version of overblog, and when you have migrated your blog...


Our project, our building choice

Here are the thoughs we had to reach our choice regarding the house builder . To respect intellectual property rights of companies in regards to documents they have submitted, the names of the companies are not mentioned and all items...


House building : the building lot

The house building adventure is starting by  looking for a lot. We have actively done so from 2012. Our constraints about it were : lot to be near our current location lot to be in town lot area above 500 m2 Correct lot orientation Correct...


“Actuate your screen” project

Introduction This project is shortly described in the presentation below : Analysis Research about patents have not given any results yet. Same research on the web have given those results : Some words about this projet below