Hands on wifi router TP-Link Archer C60

tplink_archer_c60_ac1350Following the death of my previous wifi router, I’ve searcher for a good candidate. I found this model TP-Link Archer C60 AC1350 in a well know french store at a price of around 60€. Regarding its characterics, it looked like a bargain.

A bargain ?

My needs :

  • use the router as an access point to connect to my internal network, including the server.
  • This server has quite good performances, it can transfers files at 80MB/s on my internal gigabit network without a hitch. Then I try to have good wifi transfer rate to optimize time.
  • Low price, I don’t need very high performance, only mainstream one.

This Archer C60 should have a maximum transfer rate of 1350 Mbit/s, this is a high speed for such price.
This value is the sum of maximum transfer on both 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz bands : respectively 450Mbit/s + 867 Mbit/s. If I obtain 800 Mbit/s I will be very satisfied !

867 Mbit/s maximum at 5GHz in spécifications

But when I arrived home, I realized that ethernet ports are not gigabit one, logically I shouldn’t be able to transfer above 100Mbit/s on wires

100 Mbit/s maximum using ethernet cables 🙁

I had some hopes that specification was wrong or that I should be able to do some link aggregation (LACP) when connected with my netgeat switch ( 4×100 Mbit/s = 400 Mbit/s). Then I’ve done some tests.

  1. Transfer rate Test with 2 computer close to router around 1 mètre du routeur (1 computer using 2,4Ghz wifi, the other 5Ghz band).
    Transfer rate limited to 10,5 Mo/s cumulative, then the limit of 100baseT integrated ethernet switch
  2. Link aggregation test
    TP Link isn’t able to manage aggregated link. Whichever is the configuration or the number of connected cables, the maximum transfer rate is corresponding to 100Mbit/s

Max Transfer rate  of 10,4 Mo/s confirmed, damned 100baseT ethernet switch !

Return of this deveice to the store. Next …

Conclusion : don’t buy it !

Using a wifi route with such a speed without a single gigabit makes no sense. Apart if you like big numbers on packaging and you don’t know what’s an ethernet cable is.

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  1. Saturday December 10th, 2016

    […] la conclusion de cet l’article : à la différence du TP-LINK Archer C60 dont j’avais écrit une note ici, j’ai décidé de garder cet […]

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