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Calibrating your heater

This post is the third one of a series about controlling by a home automation controller the house heating system described in the first post. The control systems installed in heaters are fundamentally different from those 20 years ago. Electronics is managing entire device, and it...


Eedomus+, a big plus here

This is 1 year and a half that I’m devoted to eedomus controller to manage my house( cf unboxing of old school eedomus controller). The whole setup has changed considerably since then and I increased the number of devices  from 10 to more than...


Computing sun position on eedomus

I’ve discovered this great thing on eedomus forum. This script proposed by vva (thank you very much) provides all information about sun position in regards of home location at any time of day. Thanks to it, I optimised my scripts that are managing sun protection...