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The digital radiator

Would you dream about having your heating bill paid and help the planet at the same time ? This seems to be possible with this invention. This presentation done by Gaspard Claudé (thank you) is in French, so don’t hesitate...


Eedomus unboxing

I’ve just received my new eedomus home automation controller. Let’s have a look what’s inside the box. Thank you to Connected Object company for this nice gift !


Advanced configuration of veralite

Thanks to this post I discovered this hidden configuration interface of Veralite. Veralite box is using an OS based on linux, OpenWRT . This interface is in line with this ancestor, it is dedicated to system and network configuration. You...


Data recovery from a Linux harddisk using LVM

Receiving a request from somebody who owns a home server I have installed in the past, I have updated myself about methods to retrieve data from Linux  hard drives with LVM volume management . The server is actually gone up in smoke ....


Add a graphical banner to Hueman theme

To include a graphical banner with  hueman theme : install a version of hueman theme equal or above V 2.0.0 Available version on website to date is : V 2.0.5 If necessary, install theme manually. Website of Hueman theme :...


Improve WordPress text editor

I was surprised bu WordPress text editor ( called TinyMCE ) because I haven’t find some features I was using in Joomla. In particular I was searching for table edition and horizontal rules. I’ve just discovered TinyMCE Advanced plugin which...


Version control in WordPress

One of WordPress feature which is not highlighted is version control management of a post. This feature is available by default, nothing to install. With this one, you can check modifications done from one version to the other, but also restore...


Manage internet passwords

Password management on internet ( and others ) is a critical function. You have to find a method sufficiently secure, but also be able to retrieve the passwords have set. Whichever method you use, you must have different passwords between...