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Heating : automate your heating system

This post’s the first of a list of 6 posts about optimizing heating sytem of your home. Your neighbour is going to envy you, although your bill’s going to thank you. This series is also up in the context of...


Eedomus+, a big plus here

This is 1 year and a half that I’m devoted to eedomus controller to manage my house( cf unboxing of old school eedomus controller). The whole setup has changed considerably since then and I increased the number of devices  from 10 to more than...


Test of the Chacon doorbell CH54730 new version

Following the previous test there done on the old version, Chacon company have contacted me about a new version available for this product. It should solve major issue that have been detected : a waterproofness issue. Chacon have provided me this new version of doorbell...