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Localization with eedomus (part 1) : smartphone side

  Introduction The eedomus smarthome controller includes an unusual feature which is location tracking. This feature could seem to be an anecdotic one for smart hone. But linked to special rules able to trigger actions regarding this location, it adds...


Give a voice to a smarthome setup

At the beginning I was not so much interested about alert aspects, unless I’ve seen some useful tips done by Jean-Martin. I’m not able to do without them nowdays. My voice alerts are made of different flavors, from “It’s time...

1 KFOB2 used with Zipabox

For a long time I hesitated to buy this remote to activate and deactivate the home alarm . Thanks to Vincent, I’ve tested this function with my zipabox controller without any  problem. You can refer also to Vincent’s post available...


Control of blinds remotely by a switch

Here is a video about a test system to verify several topics  : a light control module (FGS-221) can directly control (association) a blind module (Fibaro FGRM-222) information are sent back to the controller : overall installation can be secured...


Eurotronic StellaZ Thermostatic valve test

Eurotronic is offering for some time thermostatic valves for smarthome integration, called Stella models. They can replace standard thermostatic valves on your radiators. Different models exist integrating different protocols: proprietary protocol, enocean, KNX RF, Zigbee, Zwave. The last letter of...


Eedomus unboxing

I’ve just received my new eedomus home automation controller. Let’s have a look what’s inside the box. Thank you to Connected Object company for this nice gift !